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SVC for the Young

SVC carries out various activities for the younger generation with the objective of familiarising as many people as possible with classical musical culture and beauty and its manifold values: passion, creativity, discipline and culture.

SVC from the time of its constitution as a company has always focused its attention on the world of young people. In fact one of the statutory obligations of SVC is the spread of chamber music among the young. Apart from this obligation SVC is convinced of the ethical and cultural imperative of spreading knowledge of chamber music among those segments of the public who, contrary to the custom of other nations, generally attend such concerts rarely or not at all.

For many years SVC has made efforts to attract young people to its concerts offering substantial reductions to the under thirties both for single concerts as well as for subscription to the entire season. In recent years this has permitted the sale of tickets and subsequent access to the theatre of numerous young people.

Conferences on specific musical subjects were organised directly in the schools of the city of Venice. As of the 2012-2013 season a ‘mini’ season was initiated which ran parallel to the traditional concert season and consisted of 6 lecture-concerts held in the Sale Apollinee of the Fenice Theatre. Each event consisted in a lecture in which Dr. Alessandro Zattarin, musician and philologist, introduced and illustrated the composer and the composition inserting both in the period in which they matured. The subsequent piano concert was given by young pianists of the Hochschule für Musik in Basle from the class of M° Filippo Gamba. Each lecture concert was held in the morning and repeated in the afternoon with free admission for all interested citizens. With the active participation of the Fenice Theatre and of the city’s schools the initiative enabled the admission to the theatre of 1.000 high school students who demonstrated their appreciation of the piano recitals presented.

In subsequent interviews it clearly emerged that the scarce inclination to frequent concerts of classical music by young students resulted more from ignorance than from a rejection of the genre.

Furthermore SVC maintains that it has sustained a wide ranging cultural undertaking. consenting the admission, possibly for the first time, of a large number of young people to a theatre of great tradition and prestige such as the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
With this initiative SVC implicitly invited these young people to consider the Theatre as a ‘sacred’ place since it is the home of musical and literary performance which constitute the backbone of civilisation of which they are already participants and will in future become successors.

The broad consensus of various levels of Venetian citizens induced SVC to continue to offer literary-musical events based on this formula. It is therefore foreseen that a similar cycle will be held in the next season of chamber music concerts in 2014 -2015.

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